The pieces included in the thesaurus (composed of 721 pieces) are gold and silver objects, with a high historical and artistic value: pieces of Roman jewelry, golden pieces of jewelry embellished with precious stones (a necklace formed out of 20 golden chains, which connect six medallions with golden plates and fine mosaic), golden watches which belonged to Gheorghe Chiţu, Alexandru and Aristita Aman, a ceremonial cap, embellished with 37 small golden coins and pearls, which belonged to the Cornetti family.

This category also includes the monetary thesaurus, like the one from Dudaşul Schelei, containing not only a great number of coins (ducat, florin, etc.), but also several pieces of jewelry (bracelets and rings). The Thesaurus Collection of Oltenia Museum was extended this year after a discovery at least surprising, considering the place where it was found: it is a monetary thesaurus of 75 golden coins (from the 19th century), brought to light following the diggings in Desa, Dolj county.