The collection of medals and insignia

The collection includes Romanian medals (almost all the series from the beginning of the Romanian medal stamping until current days), as well as foreign (dated from the 17th- 20th century), most of them unique. A substantial part of the collection was donated by Alexandru and Aristia Aman Foundation, after its abolition in 1950.

The insignias belonged to some of our country's heroes, born in the lands of Oltenia, such as colonel Ion Logadi, Alexandru Aman, Elefterie Cornetti, generals Constantin Dragu, Dumitru Grozeanu, Alexandru Dobriceanu or Iancu Ghenescu. Oltenia Museum keeps all orders and insignias which belonged to Dr Constantin Angelescu, Vice President of the Romanian National Council in Paris, Minister of Education and Prime Minister of Romania during the inter-war period, one of the founders of Great Romania – ‘Romania Mare’.