Restoration and Preservation Laboratory

The Restoration and Conservation Laboratory of the Oltenia Museum Craiova has functioned with no interruption since its opening in 1975.

At present, the lab comprises the following departments: physical and chemical investigation (determining the structure and composition of patrimony objects, the degree of degradation and diagnostics for the objects brought in for restoration), ceramics, glass and porcelain restoration, restoration of metals, textiles, old books and documents. A total of 13 specialists are working in these departments, of whom 12 are certified expert restoration professionals.

The value and efficiency of the lab work is evidenced by the thousands of objects saved from destruction, all of which are national cultural patrimony objects belonging to numerous museums and other institutions both in Oltenia and from elsewhere, such as the Oltenia Museum Craiova, The Craiova Art Museum, the Craiova branch of the Romanian Academy, the Regional Library Dolj, the University of Craiova, the Prahova County Museum of History and Archaeology, the Cotroceni National Museum, the Braşov County Museum of History and Archaeology, the Ethnographic Museum Braşov, the Olt County Museum of History and Art, the Miercurea Ciuc History Museum, the Gorj County Museum of History and Archaeology, Corabia Town Museum, the village museums of Celaru, Padea, Cernăteşti etc.            Alongside their restoration - conservation and consultancy activities, the lab's experts have also actively contributed to the current scientific debate, taking part in numerous conferences, symposia and national and international restoration exhibitions, all of which resulted in the publication of academic papers. The laboratory also offers internships for young restoration professionals who are part of the network of the Ministry of Culture.