About us

Museum of Oltenia Craiova is a public cultural institution with legal personality, of regional importance, in the service of society, which collects, conserves, researches, restores, communicates and exhibits, with the purpose to know, educate and recreate the spiritual and material evidences of the existence and development of human communities as well as of the surrounding environment.

Museum of Oltenia Craiova is subordinated to Dolj County Council. Museum activity is funded from state budget allocations or local budgets, as appropriate, as well as income from fees for services, donations and sponsorships or from other specific activities.

Museum of Oltenia currently operates in three departments: Division of Archeology, Ethnography Section, Department of Natural Sciences.

The team of specialists of the museum, made over the years from teachers and eminent scholars such as Ştefan Ciuceanu, director from 1915 - 1923, Marin Demetrescu, director from 1923-1939, Dr. CS Nicolaescu - Plopşor, the conservatoire of the archeology section, honorary director from 1922 - 1946, Director from 1946 to 1952. Engineer Alfred Vincenzi, conservatoire of the ethnographic section, with the effective support of members of the Scientific Club Craiova, achieved important successes in hoarding and heritage recovery, the museum became "one of the richest and finest museums in the country", an important object of scientific and cultural romanian life, established itself as the most representative cultural institution of interwar Oltenia.

"This museum is not talking only about the past, but each piece, even the old ones - note prof. Univ. Eugeniu Speranţia, from Cluj, on April 4, 1937 - is a witness of living love and interest for all current and earth science country, passions of those who drafted and goes on the Romanian altar. "

Over the nine decades of activity the museum heritage has experienced an impressive growth. If in 1927 the museum had 1,050 pieces and in 1955, 29,120 pieces currently at the Museum of Oltenia are 234,988 pieces of which 718 are classified as Thesaurus, and fund category are ranked 268 pieces. The increasing number of assets is due to excavations, field research, acquisitions and donations, the last coming from a very wide circle of people who are in fact true friends of the museum's core.

Meeting point of large debates with aesthetic, ethnographic, biological and historical - documentary, involving the public and designers and specialists in various fields, Oltenia Museum has today become a real "academy" of beauty and truth, fulfilling complex functions, directly related to the education institutions, arts, education, and still waiting for visitors.