The Mountain and Alpine Area

Following the sequence of relief forms and vegetation layers, the exhibition introduces us in the mountain area within Oltenia, represented by a spectacular diorama restoring, on one hand, forest habitats (subzone of mixed forests and subzone of coniferous forests), and, on the other hand, alpine habitats (rocks and cliffs, juniper trees) in Parâng Mountains.

The most significant pieces (large mammals: bear, wolf, lynx, chamois; birds: western capercaille, hazel hen, spotted nutcracker, common raven, Eurasian bullfinch, griffon vulture) are exhibited in dynamic postures illustrating the trophic and ecological adaptations developed by these species, to benefit to the maximum from the most favorable living conditions and prevent negative consequences, specific to this hostile environment.

Species of rare and protected plants found in the superior layers (starting with hilly/sub-Carpathian areas up to the alpine valleys “golul alpin”) are illustrated on modules, accompanied by samples of wood essences specific for these layers.