The collection of engravings of Oltenia Museum

The Collection of Engravings of Oltenia Museum consists of works from the 17th-19th century, belonging to Flemish, English, Italian, Austrian and German schools of engraving, but also works belonging to the Romanian school, which came to being in the 19th century. In general, there are works of art that immortalize political figures from the Romanian and European space; we can mention here the portraits of the princes of Transylvania, Ştefan Báthory, Sigismund Báthory, Andrei Báthory, Gheorghe Rákóczy II, Mihail Apaffi, the portraits of Roman-German emperors Mathias II of Habsburg and Ferdinand III, as well as rulers of the Romanian Country and Moldavia, such as Mihai the Brave, Constantin Şerban, Dimitrie Cantemir etc.

From the national works, the works of Alexandru Asachi, Carol Pop of Szathmari and Theodor Aman are noteworthy, famous figures who introduced in Romanian art, through engraving, the European values of aesthetics.