The Bird Collection Catalogue

The Bird Collection Catalogue (Aves) within Oltenia Museum represents a scientific instrument of one of the most important collections of the Department of Natural Sciences – Oltenia Museum Craiova, namely the bird collection, including 1,739 specimens (1,060 naturalized birds, 670 preserved skins, 6 trophies, 3 skeletons), preserved in the museum’s store and exhibition areas.

The catalogue, in its current form, represents the main reference source for the classifying activity of the bird patrimony, but it is an important information method for visitors of all ages, keen on the natural and museum patrimony values. The paper also includes additional supportive elements, such as: a systematic index, alphabetical index of scientific and popular names, the list of localities where the collection has been performed, specifying the collected species, color drawings with collection birds etc. Each bird specimen introduced in the catalogue is accompanied by the following sequence of information: place and date of collection, age and sex, name of the collector, method of preparation and preservation, inventory number. Species with natural monument status are specified after the popular names.

In order for you to learn some important bio-ecological features of bird species presented in the collection and originating from the country’s avifauna, we found appropriate to insert in the catalogue a table with brief data on phenology, favorite habitat and threat status of bird species, both on national and European level.

Some texts (introduction, popular names of birds, titles of graphics etc) are also drafted in English so that the catalogue should be also accessed by foreign visitors.