The Avifauna of the Danube Flood plain between Calafat and Zaval. Biology, ecology and preservation status of bird species

The paper presents actual data regarding the avifauna from the terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems from the Danube Flood Plain between Calafat and Zava (Dolj County).

The following issues have been presented: systematic and phenologic analysis, dynamics of the bird species and populations during the ecologic seasons, relations with the environment, distribution in the main wet areas and special avifaunistic protection areas (SPA), the threat and preservation status of each species, globally and nationally. In the last part I evidenced the factors that threaten the bird species establishment and promoted a wide range of measures for preservation of species and habitats, which may be included in the management plans of the sites from the investigated territory.

In order to realize this paper I centralized and processed data from my personal observations, begun in 1995, in the wet area Bistret and developed in 2004 in the territory between Calafat and Zăval/Jiu. For a correct and complete characterization of the avifauna from this area, I consulted the specialized literature (books, scientific articles, collection catalogues) and museum collections, and in a small measure I used some data resulting from the territory research.