Plain Forest

The exhibition continues with the representation of Oltenia Plain, respectively the terraces and vegetation areas specific for this physical and geographic unit within Oltenia region.

Special attention is given to the forest ecosystem, whose roles and organization are pointed out extremely well, both via the exhibits, but also through the modules. In the diorama presentation a segment of the plain forest from Bratovoieşti has been restored, mainly marked by the presence of the fallow deer (other mammals are also exhibited: pine marten, badger, but also specific arboreous and land birds: woodpeckers, jays, titlings, pheasants etc.).

Trophic relationships within land (forest) ecosystems are represented through trophic (diurnal and nocturnal) chains, accompanied by a trophic pyramid, clearly revealing the idea that there are three interrelated categories of organisms, namely producers of organic matter (plants), primary consumers (phytophagus), secondary consumers (zoophagus) and tertiary consumers (carnivorous predators), and their abundance decreases in inverse proportion to the waist size.