Physical and Geographical conditions of Oltenia

Under the title “Physical and Geographic Conditions in Oltenia” issues related to: geographic location, relief, soils, hydrographic network, climate, vegetation and fauna are presented, through:
•    three dimensional materials (rocks belonging to the geological structure of Oltenia, stalactites and stalagmites, protected insects), exhibited in display cases;
•    two dimensional materials (maps, images, documentary and instructive texts) presented on simple, illuminated photo panels;
•    interactive information systems, through animated interactive multimedia applications, 3D/2D, Flash technology.

Before visitors get the chance to survey the exhibition circuit and learn about the great biodiversity in Oltenia, we found necessary to provide some information regarding the geographic location and the physical and geographic conditions in Romania. By accessing the first interactive information system, the visitor gets to understand more easily issues exhibited on Oltenia region.

Thus, he can learn more about the geographic location of Romania, its relief (photo 1), its hydrographic network (photo 2), the lakes, the vegetation (photo 3), Romania’s historical provinces and counties, as well as the position of Oltenia region (photo 4) on the territory of Romania.

Based on the documentary and instructive material presented on the panels, data regarding Oltenia – ancient Romanian province and general notions on the relief of this region are introduced to the visitors.

In case there are any doubts regarding the geographic location of Oltenia, visitors may remain longer in front of the illuminated panel on “Oltenia’s geographical position” (photo 5). Further on, supplementary information is provided on the relief found in Oltenia, starting from the mountain area (photo 6), up to Oltenia plain. There are also data regarding the soils, the climate and the hydrographic network in Oltenia. The geological component is supplemented by the permanent exhibition of minerals organized in Room no. 2, to be further on visited within the exhibition circuit.

Those who wish to learn more about the flora and fauna in Oltenia can find more useful information on the illuminated panel assigned for this topic (photo 7).

Protected species of wild flora and fauna, of community and national interest within Romanian fauna included in the Annexes to Gov. Ord. no. 57 / 2007 are presented via another interactive information system (photo 8).

Of the eight categories of organisms included in the lists of Annexes to the Ordinance: mammals, birds (photo 9), reptiles (photo 10), amphibians, fish, insects (photo 11), mollusks and plants, attention is given to species preserved in this section's patrimony.

At the end of this segment, protected insects of community and national interest are exhibited in the display cases.