Oltenia Annual- studies and communications

Scientific journal „Oltenia for Studies in Natural Sciences” (Oltenia - Studii si Comunicari Stiintele Naturii): The journal is published annually, certified by C.N.C.S.I.S. in Journals B+ Category and indexed BDI, Zoological Record link to I.S.I. Master Journal List.

The journal inserts within the national and international scientific circuit data on current flora and fauna and on fossils owned by preserved pieces of scientific collections within the scientific patrimony owned by Romanian natural sciences museums, by contributing to a better knowledge of flora and fauna within the country. These data are supplemented by results obtained by museum curators performing field researches, latest researches made by research institutes, academic teachers and other similar institutions, in the country and abroad, attesting the scientific quality of the journal.

The journal was part of the directory owned by Oltenia Museum, who published original papers on history, ethnography and natural sciences. The publishing frequency of the journal has not been constant due to financial problems. Starting with volume XV published in the year 1999, the journal has been published annually, in its current form, with editor in chief Dr. Cornelia Chimişliu.

Starting with the year 2007, the papers are published in English. The journal has the following field structure: I. Vegetal Biology, II. Animal Biology: II.a. Invertebrates, II.b. Vertebrates; III. Ecology-Environmental Protection; IV. Mineralogy-Paleontology; V. Scientific essays. This year the journal has reached vol. XXVIII/2012.

Currently, the magazine is printed under Dr. Olivia Cioboiu's editorial board.

Since 2007, papers are published in English. It is structured in the following areas: I. GEOLOGY, II. VEGETAL BIOLOGY, III. ANIMAL BIOLOGY, IV. ECOLOGY - THE ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION; V. SCIENTIFIC ESSAYS. In 2018, the vol. XXXIV of the magazine will be printed.