Michael the Brave as Governor of Craiova

Ensemble - the interior of the governor's house, with the great governor (Michael the Brave) passing judgment on a litigation between two noblemen, arranged on a distance of three quarters of the hall's surface. At the entrance in the hall, on each side, there are two guards, each with a halbert in his hand. The two crossed halberts are operated by temporized sensors, granting access to the council hall.

The great governor, on his throne, presides the court. On each side of the throne, there are three engravings that portray Michael the Brave. There will be a fake wall, to limit the surface of exposure. Towards the middle of the hall, there will be two noblemen, caught in a litigation. On a wall, there will be displayed a portrait of the governor Manta, and in front of it there will be a glass cabinet with a metal plaque, with his ring of seal in it. Next to it, there will be another glass cabinet, which will contain coins, which, on the reverse side of them, have engraved the title of "ban" (coin). On the other side, we will display a cabinet, with drawers that can be opened, within which there will documents issued by Michael the Brave. Behind the throne, on the eastern wall, there will be the relic cross of Nicolae Pătraşcu and, hanging from the ceiling, the coat of arms of the Principality of Romania.