Medieval Art

The Medieval Art Collection contains pieces of jewelry, frescoes from the Saint John Sebastian Church in Craiova (second half of the 18th century), objects of cult and buckles dating as far as the 14th-18th century. The craftsmanship of buckles and cult objects (two-headed eagles, crusaders’ golden eagle, the plant motif) is extremely valuable, but also that of the jewelry that was discovered by accident or due to archeological diggings. We can name some minor objects of medieval art – rings, earrings, bracelets, buckles, relic crosses – discovered in the thesaurus from Dudaşul Schelei, Basarabi, Bucovăţ, Şimnic, Verbiţa, which, through their aesthetic value, illustrate the virtuosity of artistic craftsmanship as well as the diversity of the Medieval clothing.