Ichthyology (fish)

The fish collection established since 1952 and completed on a regular basis holds 1,645 naturalized pieces or liquid processed specimens; these specimens come from fresh, low salinity and salted waters, respectively: Danube; Black Sea; Pacific Ocean; Indian Ocean and Atlantic Ocean. The diversity of freshwater specimens and sea specimens within the collection, as well as the species with a high scientific interest, give our collection a special place in the Department's patrimony. Among the freshwater species included in our collection with conservation status according to the criterion issued by the IUCN, we can mention: the Kessler's Gudgeon (Gobio kessleri - vulnerable species), the Romanian Loach (Sabanejewia romanica - vulnerable species), the Carpathian brook lamprey (Eudontomyzon danfordi - endangered species). The preserved sea and oceanic species represent a spectacular side of our collection through: the sea horse (Hyppocampus guttulatus microstephanus); the black scorpionfish (Scorpena porcus); the boxfish (Ostracion genus); the eel (Anguillidae); the common remora (Remora remora); the shark (Squalus acanthias) as well as the angler (Lophius piscatorius). Our collection turned to good account through various themed projects: Freshwater Fish Species, The aquatic life in Oltenia, Protected Areas in Dolj County, Journey to the sea and oceans' depth, aiming to educate the public on ecology, with the sole purpose of preserving and protecting freshwater and sea environment.