Household Items

The Peasant household is defined by wooden objects, ceramics, metal, or other materials. The specific collection of the ethnography section accumulated for 50 years, in particular, wooden objects, the rest of the domestic inventory went to other collections. Some are just tools, without aesthetic meanings, others are masterpieces of woodwork through their forms and decorations. In this respect we refer to "sărăriţele" of bark or linden wood, the saltcellars bear shaped, spoons with anthropomorphic forms and motifs, avimorf, geometric stylized zoomorphic motifs, Gavan and beech shelves, sculptured boxes, "fucii" for "tuica", brădoaica, forms of curd, barrels , wooden shelves, and wooden strainers, water bailer and so on ....

Many of the motifs found on the domestic wooden objects are found on the ceramic pieces used in household or even on interior fabrics.