The collection of entomology has been managed and brought to its scientific, cultural and educational value by Mrs. curator Gima Lila, starting in 2018.

The entomologic patrimony preserves around 53,870 specimens and it has the biggest share in the museum’s patrimony, holding as much as 50%. The collection has been set up in two distinct stages:
•    The first stage during 1951-1978. At the end of this stage, the collection barely held little over 13,000 pieces. In this period, the collection was managed and prepared by Dr. Ion Firu.
•    The second stage started in 1979 and continues until 2014. In this period, the entomologic patrimony had over 40,000 pieces added up; it was and continues to be managed and prepared by Dr. Cornelia Chimişliu.

The entomologic patrimony is composed of several collections, coming from:
I.    Acquisitions – 11,231 specimens:
•    The collection of native lepidoptera “M. Peiu” – 1,500 specimens;
•    The collection of exotic lepidoptera “Claudia Stănoiu” – 1,200 specimens;
•    The collection of coleoptera “N. A. Săvulescu” – 650 specimens;
•    The collection of diptera “Aurelia Ursu” – 497 specimens;
•    The Collection of diptera “VI. Brădescu” – 523 specimens;
•    The entomologic collection “I. Firu” – 6,871 specimens.

II.     Donations – 7,539 specimens:
•    The donation of native lepidoptera “I. Stănoiu” – 7,447 specimens;
•    The donation of diptera “Aurelia Ursu” – 92 specimens.

III. Researches performed by the Department’s specialists in the ecosystems of Oltenia (especially), starting with the year 1951 – currently (2012) – 35,100 specimens:
•    These 35,100 specimens include species from 18 orders or insects. The biggest share belongs to coleoptera, followed by lepidoptera. The collection preserves species common in nature, as well as rare species and extremely rare species not only in Romanian fauna, but also in European fauna. Thus, the collection keeps species protected by national and communal interest: Cerambyx cerdo Linnaeus, 1758 – great capricorn beetle (photo 1), Morimus funereus Mulsant, 1863 – Morimus funereus (photo 2), *Rosalia alpina Linnaeus, 1758 – Rosalia longicorn (photo 3), Lucanus cervus Linnaeus, 1758 – stag beetle (photo 4), Osmoderma eremita Scopoli, 1763 – hermit beetle (photo 5), Parnassius mnemosyne Bryk, 1925 – clouded apollo (photo 6), Parnassius apollo Linnaeus 1758 – mountain apollo (photo 7), Callimorpha Euplagia quadripunctaria Poda, 1761 – jersey tiger (photo 8), Zerynthia polyxena (Denis & Schiffermüller) – southern festoon (photo 9) etc. A rare species, protected by Romanian legislation, is Scarabaeus affinis (Brullé, 1832) – the scarabaeus (photo 10), that can be observed in south-western Oltenia.