Oltenia Museum keeps over 5,000 documents in Slavic, Greek and Romanian with Kirilic characters, either on parchments or paper. Many of these documents are written by the Reigning Chancellary of the Romanian Country, with the original signatures of certain rulers, such as Mihai the Brave, Matei Basarab or Constantin Brâncoveanu.

A big part of these documents were included in DRH, B., the Romanian Country or in other prestigious magazines, being appreciated at their true value by Nicolae Iorga, Constantin C. Giurescu, C. S. Nicolăescu-Plopşor, Dumitru Bălaşa etc.

The majority of these documents come from donations made by landowner and noble families: Glogoveanu, Cernătescu, Rusănescu, Cornetti, Aman, Romanescu, Săulescu etc.

In the same collection we can include documents registered in the records of some monasteries: Saint Pantelimon’s Monastery, three registers of Cozia Monastery etc.