Danube Floodplain

Diorama Danube Floodplain presents the ecosystems mosaic within the non-impounded sector Ghidici - Ciuperceni, still keeping the old floodplain morphology, with chaotic relief composed of mobile and anchored dunes arranged in bundles, with lake basins between them.

Therefore, both in the diorama as well as in the related display cases, habitats specific to Danube flooplain area have been restored (forests with spontaneous tree species: Salix sp. and Populus sp., swamps with rush-beds, hydrophilic, xero-mesophilic and xerophilic meadows with sand dunes flora, forests of Robinia pseudacacia and small farmland areas) where the most significant fauna elements have been exhibited: vertebrates and invertebrates, aquatic and terrestrial.

The two dimensional material supplementing this exhibition segment refers to: Danube floodplain natural resources, roles of the flood area, Danube islets – as best areas to preserve biodiversity, but also to the negative effects of impoundment, some of them being even foreseen by the great biologist Grigore Antipa.