Barbarian Invasions

Through the created atmosphere, we will try to illustrate the period of the "dark middle ages": the decadence of civilization in the VI-XIII century, following the collapse of the defense system in the Danube and the migrations (Germanic people, Avars, Proto-Bulgarians, Hungarians, Cuman people, Tatars).

The hall will be shown as a "labyrinth" where mannequins will be arranged from place to place, representing warriors from the migrating tribes:
-    Germanic warrior, next to whom weapons will be displayed - the discoveries made in Desa
-    Slav warrior, next to whom slavic pins and ceramics from the VIII-IX century will be displayed
-    Bulgarian warrior, next to whom ceramics will be displayed
-    Tartar warrior
-    Cuman warrior

Projections will help describe the decay of the culture.